Copious Fashions at Ottawa Fashion Week S/s 2014

Copious S-S_2014-3 So proud of this amazing show at Ottawa Fashion Week this season! I played double duty as photographer, as well as, production manager, but this challenge was met as this show was unforgettable!

Copious S-S_2014-5

Copious S-S_2014-11

Copious S-S_2014-13

Copious S-S_2014-20

Copious S-S_2014-26

Copious S-S_2014-32

Copious S-S_2014-38

Copious S-S_2014-41

Copious S-S_2014-47

Copious S-S_2014-58

Copious S-S_2014-68

Copious S-S_2014-77

Copious S-S_2014-86

Copious S-S_2014-96

Copious S-S_2014-102

Copious S-S_2014-107

Copious S-S_2014-111

Copious S-S_2014-121

Copious S-S_2014-145

Copious S-S_2014-152

Copious S-S_2014-159

Copious S-S_2014-168

Copious S-S_2014-173

Copious S-S_2014-180

Copious S-S_2014-181

Copious S-S_2014-183

Copious S-S_2014-185

Copious S-S_2014-188

Copious S-S_2014-192

Copious S-S_2014-199

Copious S-S_2014-203


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