FAT 2014

FAT = Fashion, Art, Toronto. Deemed Toronto’s Alternative Fashion Week, steering clear of any big-name corporate sponsorship or takeover, it is an independent event not to miss. This year’s was full of impressive designs, refreshing art and amazing performances. I was photographer and production designer for the Copious show and here are some of my favourite moments:

Copious BTS-9 Copious BTS-52 Copious BTS-54 Copious BTS-56 Copious BTS-59 Copious BTS-60 Copious BTS-62 Copious_FAT-1 Copious_FAT-20 Copious_FAT-32 Copious_FAT-47 Copious_FAT-49 Copious_FAT-56 Copious_FAT-69 Copious_FAT-78 Copious_FAT-96 Copious_FAT-105 Copious_FAT-117 Copious_FAT-126 Copious_FAT-168 Copious_FAT-176 Copious_FAT-183 Copious_FAT-186



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