Behind the Scenes: While the Fields Burn

This past winter was very challenging for all of us. It was unusually cold, unusually relentless and unusually looooooong. What a perfect excuse to stay in the studio and create, create, create!

In order to have a little fun and lighten up these winter days, myself and an amazing all-female team got together and busted out a creative editorial for Elegant Magazine.

The following are behind the scenes images from our fab day, as well as the spread itself! Enjoy 🙂

behind the scenes-1 behind the scenes-2 behind the scenes-3 behind the scenes-4 behind the scenes-6 behind the scenes-7 behind the scenes-13 behind the scenes-15 behind the scenes-19 behind the scenes-20 behind the scenes-22

PDF layout-2-1 PDF layout-2-4 PDF layout-2-5 PDF layout-2-6 PDF layout-2-7 PDF layout-2-8 PDF layout-2-9 PDF layout-2-10 PDF layout-2-11


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