Backwoods Sunday Afternoon…

There is this country singer, whom you should all know. Her name is Adrienne Taylor. She is incredibly talented, (as well as beautiful; inside and out)  and I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday afternoon photographing her 🙂

Of course, this was a team effort and lots of “thank-you’s” are in order. Adrienne herself, for being beyond willing to do anything I threw at her, as well as being calm, kind and overall so relaxed she didn’t even sweat despite the 30+ degree weather. Joshua Brown, for doing BTS video. (As an aside, I don’t believe I will ever get used to  seeing – and hearing – myself shooting.) Joshua has mastered the skill of seeing while not being seen, which is a skill we image-makers strive to practice, making his final product A-mazing! Please check it out here:

The rest of our talented team consisted of: Samantha McLeod (the ever-so-talented makeup and hairstylist), May Mustapha (on behalf of DonnaMay Stylist Duo), Copious Fashions for providing a large, and beautiful, portion of the wardrobe, and last, but never least, our location providers; Boyd HVAC Services for providing the gem of all gems – the turquoise GMC vintage truck (my dream prop), as well as Hunter and Theresa McCaig for the use of their beautiful land on Zee Dot Acres.

Here are some of my favourites from our day:

Adrienne-003fb Adrienne-026fb Adrienne-034fb Adrienne-040fb Adrienne-047fb2 Adrienne-057fb Adrienne-060fb2 Adrienne-066fb Adrienne-084fb Adrienne-112fb Adrienne-141fb2Adrienne-090fb Adrienne-131fb Adrienne-126fb


I encourage everyone to further support and follow Adrienne – find her at and please, buy her new single, “Backwoods Saturday Night” on iTunes.
Salut from the country, y’all. xo


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