Zee Moda takes over

Zediwa Louro, or Zee Moda, is a stylist whom I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions, so when she called me up to ask me to shoot her new line I was absolutely thrilled. I have always admired her style, her styling, and now, her designs.
We did a mix of lifestyle as well as look-book shots, featuring Zee herself as the face of this premiere line.

Styling and clothing by Zee Moda (obviously) Hair and Makeup by Taryn Miller

Here are some of my favourites:

Zee-On Set_07_effect Zee-On Set_25_effect Zee-On Set_20_effect Zee-On Set_17_effect Zee-On Set_12_effect

Zee-On Set_37_effect Zee-On Set_30_effect

Zee-White backdrop_51 Zee-White backdrop_23 Zee-White backdrop_13Zee-White backdrop_35


Find Zee here
http://www.zeemoda.ca   &   https://zeemodablog.wordpress.com



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