Fin de L’hiver

The beginning of winter and the end of winter look a lot alike. Desaturated tones, naked trees, sleepy flora and fauna. Quiet and still.

The difference is that the end of winter has a feeling of pure optimism. We survived another winter, we are all waking up, emerging, opening our eyes after what feels like an endless time of sleep.

For this shoot we wanted to embody this feeling. The feeling of winter ending.

EF Magazine focuses on ethical and sustainable (E&S) fashion [which is] produced, distributed, consumed and discarded in ways that are as ethical and sustainable as possible.

Shooting for EF Magazine it was important that all products come from a place of E&S. May Mustapha, of DonnaMay Styling Duo, created every piece from recycled fabrics and pieces, as well as headdresses made from natural fibres found in the great outdoors.

Photographer: Kaja Tirrul
Model: Andrea McLeod
Stylist: May Mustapha for DonnaMay Styling
Hair & MUA: Samantha McLeod for Sammi’s Secrets

Some highlights from this shoot:

Tirrul-01fb Tirrul-02fb Tirrul-03fb Tirrul-04fb Tirrul-05fb Tirrul-06fb Tirrul-07fb Tirrul-08fb Tirrul-09fb


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