Citrus & Sage at Fashion Art Toronto

Gearing up for Copious’ Spring/Summer 2015 line to hit stores we decided a launch at Fashion Art Toronto (or FAT) was a perfect introduction.

FAT has become the kind of alternative to World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week. It is not only a week of fashion shows, but also performances, live art, pop-up shops, film viewings, food, drinks and music.

All of the work that went into the FAT production of Citrus & Sage paid off as our beautiful lemony ladies came down the runway.

The team of people who made this show happen are Desiree from Armed jewellery for lending some of her amazing pieces, Sylvie Prud’Homme, owner and stylist of The Loft Salon and Spa for her imaginative and unique hair creations, Samantha and Andrea McLeod for their sun-kissed makeup looks, Dillon Taylor for music and video, all of the models who perfectly embodied this line, especially Gwen from Peggi LePage Management for being the face of citrus and sage for the past year, and finally, the crew at FAT. I happily bounced between producer and photographer, capturing these shots over the day:

Copious CitrusSage preshow_009 Copious CitrusSage preshow_002 Copious CitrusSage preshow_090Copious CitrusSage preshow_021Copious CitrusSage preshow_003 Copious CitrusSage preshow_018Copious CitrusSage preshow_005 Copious CitrusSage preshow_011Copious CitrusSage preshow_028 Copious CitrusSage preshow_088Copious CitrusSage preshow_022 Copious CitrusSage preshow_029 Copious CitrusSage preshow_030 Copious CitrusSage preshow_089 Copious CitrusSage preshow_033 Copious CitrusSage preshow_034 Copious CitrusSage preshow_035Copious CitrusSage preshow_036Copious CitrusSage preshow_037Copious CitrusSage preshow_048Copious CitrusSage preshow_049Copious CitrusSage preshow_067Copious CitrusSage preshow_041Copious CitrusSage preshow_051Copious CitrusSage preshow_050Copious CitrusSage preshow_052Copious CitrusSage preshow_056Copious CitrusSage preshow_040Copious CitrusSage preshow_042Copious CitrusSage preshow_046Copious CitrusSage preshow_092Copious CitrusSage preshow_064Copious CitrusSage preshow_093Copious CitrusSage preshow_063Copious CitrusSage preshow_068Copious CitrusSage preshow_069Copious CitrusSage preshow_061Copious CitrusSage preshow_071Copious CitrusSage preshow_070Copious CitrusSage preshow_066Copious CitrusSage preshow_065Copious CitrusSage preshow_072Copious CitrusSage 2015_007webCopious CitrusSage 2015_010webCopious CitrusSage 2015_017webCopious CitrusSage 2015_026webCopious CitrusSage 2015_038webCopious CitrusSage 2015_044webCopious CitrusSage 2015_047webCopious CitrusSage 2015_054webCopious CitrusSage 2015_060webCopious CitrusSage 2015_067webCopious CitrusSage 2015_071webCopious CitrusSage 2015_073webCopious CitrusSage 2015_080webCopious CitrusSage 2015_084webCopious CitrusSage 2015_090webCopious CitrusSage 2015_093webCopious CitrusSage 2015_096webCopious CitrusSage 2015_105webCopious CitrusSage 2015_112webCopious CitrusSage 2015_116webCopious CitrusSage 2015_118webCopious CitrusSage 2015_122webCopious CitrusSage 2015_124webCopious CitrusSage 2015_129webCopious CitrusSage 2015_133webCopious CitrusSage 2015_138web





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