FAT 2014

FAT = Fashion, Art, Toronto. Deemed Toronto’s Alternative Fashion Week, steering clear of any big-name corporate sponsorship or takeover, it is an independent event not to miss. This year’s was full of impressive designs, refreshing art and amazing performances. I was photographer and production designer for the Copious show and here are some of my favourite moments:

Copious BTS-9 Copious BTS-52 Copious BTS-54 Copious BTS-56 Copious BTS-59 Copious BTS-60 Copious BTS-62 Copious_FAT-1 Copious_FAT-20 Copious_FAT-32 Copious_FAT-47 Copious_FAT-49 Copious_FAT-56 Copious_FAT-69 Copious_FAT-78 Copious_FAT-96 Copious_FAT-105 Copious_FAT-117 Copious_FAT-126 Copious_FAT-168 Copious_FAT-176 Copious_FAT-183 Copious_FAT-186



Xquisit Magazine

I’m so happy to finally have this magazine in my hands! I did a shoot last year for the 2013 fall/winter Copious collection which is now laid out in a gorgeous editorial in Xquisit’s winter celebration issue. Here are some of my favs from this shoot, as well as some less-than technically stellar behind the scenes pics, and, of course, the magazine!

Photography: Kaja Tirrul
Stylist: Carissa McCaig
Models: Elana Baum for Models International Management and Danika Cziranka-Crooks
Makeup: HaileySin
Hair: Theresa Sabourin
Clothing by Copious Fashions

photo 2

copious xquisit1 copious xquisit2 copious xquisit3 copious xquisit4 Tirrul_BTS 01 Tirrul_BTS 02 Tirrul_BTS 03 fb 2 fb

Copious does CTV Morning Live

The amazing styling duo DonnaMay Stylists did a segment for CTV Morning Live this past week all about taking your holiday look form day into the evening. This segment was especially special because it featured Copious’ Fall/Winter 2013 line of beautiful dresses. Here are some snippets from the day:

Copious at CTV Morning_05 Copious at CTV Morning_08 Copious at CTV Morning_04-BW Copious at CTV Morning_09-BW Copious at CTV Morning_12 Copious at CTV Morning_13 Copious at CTV Morning_17 Copious at CTV Morning_24 Copious at CTV Morning_28 Copious at CTV Morning_35 Copious at CTV Morning_38 Copious at CTV Morning_43-BW Copious at CTV Morning_48-BW Copious at CTV Morning_53-BW Copious at CTV Morning_54-BW Copious at CTV Morning_56-BW Copious at CTV Morning_64 Copious at CTV Morning_66 Copious at CTV Morning_67 Copious at CTV Morning_70 Copious at CTV Morning_75 Copious at CTV Morning_80

Bohten Launch Party

This amazing eyewear line is both beautiful and eco-consicous. Designed in Canada, made from re-claimed wood from Ghana, they are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Bohten’s founder, Nana Boateng Osei had a new line to celebrate as well as a recent appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Here are some highlights from this fabulous evening:

Bohten_01Bohten_09 Bohten_08 Bohten_07 Bohten_06 Bohten_05 Bohten_04 Bohten_03 Bohten_02

Bohten_10 Bohten_11 Bohten_12 Bohten_13 Bohten_14 Bohten_15 Bohten_16 Bohten_17 Bohten_18 Bohten_19 Bohten_20 Bohten_21 Bohten_22 Bohten_23 Bohten_24 Bohten_25 Bohten_26

Olympians help out at Ottawa Food Bank

Canadian Olympians donated their time working at Food Banks in cities across Canada for the annual Thanksgiving food drive. They sorted, packed, boxed and bagged food donations all day Friday before the long weekend hit.  In Ottawa the olympians were Laurie Graham (1980, 1984, 1988 Olympian, Alpine Skiing), Sue Halloway (1976, 1980, 1984 Olympian, Cross Country & Canoe/Kayak) and Michael Tayler (London 2012 Olympian, Canoe-Kayak Slalom). I am lucky enough to be the one attempting to capture this great day!

08_COC Ottawa Food Bank 19_COC Ottawa Food Bank 24_COC Ottawa Food Bank 33_COC Ottawa Food Bank


NYC : a wedding, a hurricane, a holiday and an expo.

I’ve been so busy with various photo shoots lately that I haven’t had a chance to do a blog post. Which upsets me. I love blogging.

All of the photos I take which have no home can always find refuge here. (When I can find the time to post).

Here are snippets of my short nyc trip turned longer due to Ms. Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

Please click and have a looky through . . .